Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Number 5 With a Bullet

Hey folks, long time no talk to, glad to see you again. The early day was spent on the bike in the driving rain so 100k later I deserved a major present. This means chumming around with Walker the Stalker sampling Auckland's finest coffee beverages and coincidentally (not really) an attenion span as short as a shi-tzu. HENCE: The Bullet List. This is my new favorite thing on the planet, and a great way to get accross information in a timely, somewhat organized fashion. Better yet, I can do it at blazing speeds, all the better to get on with more of heaven's bean and rasberry buns...
  • The Asian population in Auckland is fairly significant, and from what I can tell, not too keen on learning English or watching out for bikes while driving around the city. Normally I dislike steriotypes, but it's a bit tough when you're nearly killed 37,000 times a day by one particular group of people.
  • Rain in Auckland is warm and therefore superior to Portland rain (for riding at least). Very rarely in P-town do you show up for a rainy group ride and no one has jackets or legwarmers.
  • The Simpson's is still the greatest show ever created (sorry Donny Trump). Every night, a full hour of Springfield hijinks on NZ's biggest network is reminding me of why I became such a sarcastic goon.
  • No one wears shorts here when the sun is out.
  • Cricket is seen as a cool and manly sport. Cricket. Seriously. Wickets and degrees of rotation and all that pompous crap. Ugh. I rank cricket somewhere between bowling and golf. Yeah you need skill to do it well, but who cares? At least rugby's big as well, that should make up for it. Maybe. DT

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piglet said...

Cricket - Crikey! Hey - do they play tetherball in Auckland? btw, I caught a delicious bass for you...