Saturday, December 25, 2004

A Bunch of Boxing Day Bullets

It's December 26th, Boxing Day, and you know what that means. Boxes and wrapping paper are cleared away, turkey bits are washed off the walls, and it's time for a bullet list.
  • The hole in the Ozone layer down here becomes painfully apparent when a 3 hour cloudy ride yields deep red farmer-tan lines.
  • Kiwis eat a lot of asparagus. (nasty)
  • Aucklanders try to be very fashionable people (Italian envy maybe?), but instead of doing it by dressing well many do it by covering themselves in as many designer labels as they can get.
  • They average pay in Auckland is lower than in the US.
  • The designer clothes are (no joke) 3-4 times more expensive (a $20US Billabong shirt is $90NZ here, or about $70US). A pair of Diesel or similar jeans will run you $300+. I see a lot of Armani and Gucci... I'm afraid to even look at those prices...
  • Coffee is on a different level here. An awesome level.
  • NZ is far more secular than the US, making for more liberal laws and culture.
  • Speaking of laws, recently a law passed to outlaw smoking in bars and clubs. Without ciggarette smoke, other equally less desirable smells become more apparent. Club owners are buying air freshener in huge quantities to mask the smell of body odor and stale, spilled beer.
  • My next race is in 7 Days. It's a hilly race. It will hurt. DT

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daddio said...

Bullet replies

-Sun block, duh...
-Hold your breath when you pee.
-Italians are cool. Petachi...Chipo...Biaggi...and that hot chick from the Matrix.
-Designer clothes suck and Carharts rule.
-Can't help you with the salaries, join a union.
-Enjoy the liberal environment while you can, George is making things freakier here by the day.
-Bring some of that killer coffee home.
-Have fun at Nelson and remember...if it doesn't hurt a little you're not going hard enough.