Wednesday, June 10, 2009

hello, portland

Back in the time vortex that is Portland, Oregon. Days disappear here into some other universe. One minute you're walking off the plane and the next minute BAM it's wednesday, you've done two track sessions and a race, but you can't remember either. I've narrowed it down the causes to two alternate explanation encompassing both my previous and current lifestyles.

1: When we lived here previously: Put simply, time flies when you're drunk. This is a severely alcoholic city. I can't hold a conversation with friends here for more than 2 minutes without hearing "have you been to X brewery yet?"
"have you tried the new X Ale from X? It's killer!"
"have you been to X bar yet? We're going to Thursday! You should come with!"
This is a great city to lose it for an evening/night/day or two. So many great places to be, so many great people to be with. It's easy to let days slip by with just the sounds of a pouring tap...

2: This current trip, I'm not drinking, but replacing all drunken hours with workout hours. Today for instance, weight session in the morning, 3 hour ride in the afternoon and a hilly criterium in the evening. In between, eating free food at home, sleeping and trying to stay somewhat hydrated. Sounds like I won't be allowed to leave town without meeting people for a beer at least once (I"m thinking Thursday), but for the most part my days are being smashed out of my head with standing starts and sprints against old rivals.

Speaking of which, PIR was last night. Candi gave me a special welcome home gift. Or maybe a nice-to-see-you middle finger. 18 laps with 18 sprints. What. The. Hell. That hurt. Alot. Won a couple sprints, placed in a couple more and was so tired by the final that I managed to screw everything up completely and roll in for 5th or something. Was definitely hoping for a better showing, but a 300 meter headwind road sprint every 3 miles is not my cup o' tea. It was crazy hard, and crazy hard in a sprint stress week is good.

Picked up two of my custom sets of Rolf track wheels yesterday. They look A M A Z I N G. Possibly the greatest looking hubs I have ever seen. Custom machined splined cogs. One aluminum clincher, one carbon tubular. Can't wait to ride them tomorrow.


p.s. Important message for Pat Bateman: There is now a Muchas Gracias across the street from the track. Taste!