Wednesday, April 30, 2008

on one hand; i'm progressing faster than ever, getting bigger than ever and loving the mountain biking and general outdoorsiness...

on the other handl; i miss good restaurants, good art, all my friends, happy hour at the laurelwood, cheap movies at the mission, culture, music, good espresso, and portland people...


Thursday, April 17, 2008

hey so anyway

What I was doing on:
Tuesday 6:00pm: Sitting on a patio in shorts and a t-shirt, enjoying the 70degree sunshine.

Wednesday 6:00pm: Trudging through 4 inches of fresh snow

Thursday 11:00am: Walking around in a t-shirt, enjoying the sun, wondering where all the snow went.

Current project at work: Create a sub 20 lb mountain bike with 4 inches of travel front and rear that's capable of surviving the Leadville 100mile XC race. Starting with a Cannondale Scalpel at 22 lbs, stripping her down, ordering a bunch of parts from Stans and some unpronouncable German companies and hoping the guy has a pretty high credit limit. His actual words were "if you can do it, I'll buy it no matter what it costs," so I doubt we'll have many problems with payment.

Headed out to the SRAM R&D building shortly to pick up a bike for a friend and get a sweet tour of thier suspension design department from an engineer dude I met out here. Should be cool in a super-geek kinda way.

Ping Pong called last night with travel plans for my neck of the woods. Bring it on.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

visualize me

This is what I feel like today

Friday, April 11, 2008

snow ridin

The weather took a turn for the cold yesterday and hasn't let up. Snow yesterday, snow today. Nothing sticking, just cold and windy. No, wait. Now the sun is out. Snow is gone. Consistency is not the name of the game.

Dave's been taunting me with this.

Yeah, it's cool. I'll just keep riding the aluminum one though. I know I'm not as fast as Dave, so he should naturally get the cool bike right?

Whatever. Went into the gym for the first time Wednesday with Blatchford. Haven't been to the gym for a good three weeks, so everything stayed pretty light. It's a strange feeling having tourists stare at you through plate glass when you know you're not working that hard (in my head: It's not always like this, I promise! Come back next week, really). Even so, today I'm feeling the seize. I'm walking like an oversized and not so cool G.I. Joe. Plastic joints, plastic muscle.

Track should be dry in 20 minutes or so, and I've got some motorpacing to do. Kilo efforts are the stuff dreams are made of.

Sunday, April 06, 2008


Garden of the Gods. And Dave, Jenny says your hat is very comfortable.


Tammy the Travelling Unicorn and Matt Hofman, taking in the sights.

Weather changes quickly around here.

This is our extremely photogenic back door. Classy.

Jenny likes snow. 24 hours after this picture was taken it was 65 and sunny. Wouldn't want to be a weatherguy in these parts.

This is what the entirety of my commute to work looks like. All bike path, all the way. I cross one street in 6 miles. Glorious.

Speaking of work, I'm now slinging wheels at Criterium Bicycles. Sweet shop. Reminds me alot of the Hollywood BG. Same size, good people, but one location instead of 6. I'm starting on Wednesday. Meanwhile, Jenny's working at a cool chick-stuff shop called Terra Verde in downtown CSprings. Her commute is a whopping 8 blocks, so naturally we're in the market for a new Hummer.

Workouts have begun, Blatchy's stupid fast, Kacala's stupid big and Des's hair is reaching new fro-tastic heights. I'm finally back into the gym at the Center tommorow, and not looking forward to the aftermath.

I'm trying to put together an all-star all-Springs sprinter group to bring with me to the AVC. Just need some gas money and a couple more host houses and we're there.

We're all out of Stumptown. I'm scared.