Friday, November 09, 2007

back into the light

So I crawled out from under the rock I was hiding under and ended up at a different shop, worrying about money and speed. Not the smokable, snortable, injectable speed, but the kind that's all relative and pretty tough to come by. I'm committed (plane tickets in hand) to racing the Christmas Carnival track races in Tasmania this year, so speed is something I don't have yet but I'll need in big quantities. So now instead of riding home after work I'm riding up cemetery climbs and down deserted streets doing all kinds of efforts.

Yeah, and then there's the money part. Thanks to a generous race promoter and a pair of generous parents, the plane tickets are paid, which leaves me with food and transport in the country to try and cover. Nothing like running out of money in a foreign country to make you race hard for prize money.

Cool thing about all this is that it ended up being cheaper to fly into Auckland a week before the racing, get some warm weather training in, do the carnivals, then fly back to Auckland for a week of warm weather recovery before I fly home.

So that's the plan. Game on.

I found a wonderful "i feel so superior" blog. Bike Snob. Check it out, revel in his literary ninja-skills and instantly feel better about yourself.

How not to win a madison.