Monday, March 30, 2009

yes, i have a new computer now


The World Championships of the Branch Of Cycling Nobody Cares About just finished. Phinney won the pursuit (by alot) and gets to paint happy sparkly rainbows all over everything he owns, Stephan Nimke managed to keep the skinny kid from winning the kilo (all he had to do was ride a 1:00) and my favorite sprinter Azizul Awang (he's a cool guy in person and is built like a human, not a gorilla-horse) from Malaysia fought his way to the gold medal round and gave gorilla-horse Gregory Bauge a run for his money. The British men had too much fish'n chips and Boddington's after dominating the planet at the Games in Beijing and couldn't put anything in the W column for this year's world's. Boo hoo. It'll be a quiet flight back to Brittania on the "Sir Chris Hoy."

My team is making me look like a chump. 2 top tens in the first 2 races of the year. Not bad for a first year pro team in its maiden voyage. Seems like every time I check cyclingnews for the California spring races there's some yellow in there somewhere. My first race will be the highly presigious not-a-track-race Air Force Academy Criterium two short weeks from now. We'll see if all these road miles have done me any good this year, or if my 185 pounds of luggage (leggage?) will overpower my lungs. again...

I hate spring.

T minus 3 months until my season really starts (portland AVC!). Time. Could. Really. Go. Faster. I'm just glad Jenny's going with me this year. That will be killer.

Speaking of Jenny, she gets to do some traveling of her own pretty soon. That high roller is headed to the Big Orange or whatever they call New York for some high-falutin, high-fashion business. She's one of those jet-set business people now. She'll be talking on a bluetooth headset, typing on a Blueberry phone slurping champagne in first class in no time. Crazy.