Sunday, April 06, 2008


Garden of the Gods. And Dave, Jenny says your hat is very comfortable.


Tammy the Travelling Unicorn and Matt Hofman, taking in the sights.

Weather changes quickly around here.

This is our extremely photogenic back door. Classy.

Jenny likes snow. 24 hours after this picture was taken it was 65 and sunny. Wouldn't want to be a weatherguy in these parts.

This is what the entirety of my commute to work looks like. All bike path, all the way. I cross one street in 6 miles. Glorious.

Speaking of work, I'm now slinging wheels at Criterium Bicycles. Sweet shop. Reminds me alot of the Hollywood BG. Same size, good people, but one location instead of 6. I'm starting on Wednesday. Meanwhile, Jenny's working at a cool chick-stuff shop called Terra Verde in downtown CSprings. Her commute is a whopping 8 blocks, so naturally we're in the market for a new Hummer.

Workouts have begun, Blatchy's stupid fast, Kacala's stupid big and Des's hair is reaching new fro-tastic heights. I'm finally back into the gym at the Center tommorow, and not looking forward to the aftermath.

I'm trying to put together an all-star all-Springs sprinter group to bring with me to the AVC. Just need some gas money and a couple more host houses and we're there.

We're all out of Stumptown. I'm scared.



Ping Pong Says... said...


piglet said...

Jenny appears to be praying to the Gods of the Garden of the Gods.

It's probably good to hedge your bets.

Anonymous said...

that's my matt hoffman. I got the finger bike that goes with...

mr. speed said...

I think I might head out to the track tomorrow too.... should be fun. prob not going to go 50 mph though