Monday, November 22, 2004

U2's Sucky Crap continued...

So maybe I was a tad harsh on the legendary band but lemmesplain... Every person on earth is born with a certain finite amount of genius or creativity. Some have more, some have less, some have none.
There are people who exibit a steady flow of creativity for long careers, they never do anything truly groundbreaking or earth-shattering, but they are consistent. People like author Tom Robbins and Robbin Williams are members of this group.
Then there are the people who use all thier genius up in a short, brilliant flash then fade out. Jack Kerouac was one of these. The guy wrote a book that defined a movement and created a whole subculture, then he failed to repeat his masterpiece and drove himself nuts. The members of U2 could be considered a part of this group. They used thier creativity and genius to create massive anthems of social commentary, political protest and personal conflict. The problem was, the genius ran out, but they refuse to quit.
Now they're the "biggest band in the world" so no one will tell them that thier standards are at rock bottom, the music isn't that great anymore, and if they didn't have the name U2 on thier CD cases, they probably wouldn't sell squat.
Here's my plan for U2. 2 Options: #1 Go out "on top" while people still think they're the biggest and greatest band in the world so they can pursue all the great charity work they've been known to go or #2, Bring back the mullet.
Seriously. Mullet. Think about it.

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