Sunday, November 28, 2004

7 Days Till Summer...

So it's Portland to LA to Auckland to Nelson to Invercargill to Palmerston North to Wanganui, back to Auckland, LA, San Francisco, Merced, then back to Portland. Three months and thousands of miles later it'll be pictures and memories but for now it's still a very exciting idea. It's a crazy concept to wrap my head around: Put off college to race a bike for the winter on the other side of the world.
How insane, how awesome.
In the last month nearly every person I know has asked how much room is in my bike case. "Enough room for a person? How about your carry-on?" Too bad, but I wish I could take everybody with me. It takes a lot of work (from other people) to be an unemployed athlete, and without you guys, I wouldn't be going at all. Now, this close to the day I leave I need one last favor. After all this preparation there's only one thing left to do, find a picture for my racing liscence. If anybody has an eye patch and a pirate hook I can borrow, call me.
Next time I write I'll be half a world away, so for those I won't see before I jet away, many thanks, and see you next spring.

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