Sunday, March 19, 2006

ahh, erg.

This is a modern torture device.

The thing is so stable, so rock solid that nothing moves but the cranks trying to turn that 80 lb. flywheel. The fancy pully system behind the flywheel means that Brian can sit back there and choose how hard he thinks I should go. For some reason we always seem to disagree on that one. I can't see the wattage output from the SRM, I have no control over the resistance, all I can do is try not to let the pedals grind to an embarrassing stop. Guess what the garbage can next to the bars is for?

Massive effort tonight.

8 kilos full bore.

Underestimated the wattage on the first two and went through so much awful pain I nearly didn't make it to the end of the efforts.

Headaches started immediately after the first set.

Started losing vision after the third.

I think my heart is sore.

I need a cookie.



Ping Pong Says... said...

That's nothing. I had to try to keep up with Shannon when he went hard. Try doing that.

Dean said...

Oh I'd try... and I'd probably be just as unsuccessful as anybody else.

dirtycouve said...

Eating is a sign of weakness.

dirtycouve said...

... So what was the Wattage? did Brian tell you? or was he that embarrassed?

Anonymous said...

And how did the second set of 8 go?

Curious said...

Is it called erg because that's the sound you make?