Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Waterfront World Champs...

Sometimes as I roll down the driveway fully decked out in orange sponsor-covered clothes on my rediculously expensive orange carbon bike rolling on a set of wheels that most people don't even race on, I, in my swoosh-covered cocoon think, damn I'm a geek.


Occasionally, however, I have a day that makes me realize, well, things could be worse. Today for example, five hours of climbing, sweating, crying and probably a little bleeding went by and I finally reached the waterfront of Mission Bay, my final half-hour cruise before showers and food. I was feeling really good about myself, I could now laze around outside a coffee shop reading magazines all day completely guilt-free. The tailwind helped, the tiny blue bay-waves helped, and seeing The Flying Helmet helped.

This guy is awesome. He's serious. He means business, and he makes sure you know it. Ride the opposite direction and wave and all you get is a serious scowl, mouth wide open, eyes fixed ahead in Armstrong-esque focus. Maybe he can't see you underneath the full-on aero-helmet he wears. Maybe he can't hear you above the whoosh of his carbon disc wheel or the swish of the tri-spoke on the front. Maybe he's just THAT serious. Either way, I saw him today and it made me smile for two reasons.

REASON 1: I was riding on my tops, going (what I thought was) slow-as after completely smashing myself for hours and I hauled past The Flying Helmet like he was standing still. I didn't even need aerobars...

REASON 2: I smiled and waved as I rode past and he goes "DAMMIT WATCH OUT!" like I nearly caused his death or something. I didn't. Just rode by. People getting aggro always makes me laugh, so I enjoyed this greatly.

So maybe I am a geek. A big one. But I can always take comfort in knowing that as long as The Flying Helmet is out there somewhere, I'm not the biggest goober on the road. DT

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piglet said...

Something about helmet dude reminded me of Safety Dude - that guy in Bend (you probably don't remember this) who rode around on a little moped with a huge helmet on. He would honk his little horn whenever there was any sign of intelligent life within sight - cars, bikes, raccoons, whatever. It was cute as the dickens. I'm just glad we didn't live in his neighborhood.