Saturday, November 29, 2008


I didn't commute to work today as much as I kind of slid to work. An inch of fresh snow fell on Thanksgiving, just long enough to make Jenny a little giggly and get the roads nice and wet. After a 19 degree night and another layer of snow, transport was a bit treacherous this morning. Snow covered ice. Classic. These conditions would throw the Northwest into a panic, but everyone here is understandable unfazed. I was white-knuckled by the time I got to the shop, but felt a bit better as I saw everyone else I work with enter the parking lot in a sideways four wheel drift. Our mechanic (a lifelong springs resident) summed it up the best: As long as you're sliding slowly you're probably okay.

Training has been humming right along. Long days on the BT trainer, hard gym sessions and worrying about what race shape I'll be in come race day in Tasmania. I could do a million workouts a day, but without someone to gauge my form against it's impossible to tell where I'm at. At least the gym gives me concrete numbers, and so far those are all climbing steadily. But how does a clean-pull 5 rep weight translate to finishing speed in a 3k handicap against a bunch of Olympians? We'll find out.

Cari's already in Australia turning up the speed knob. Girl did her first world cup in Melbourne, is set to do the Revolution coming up soon and will probably embarrass all of us in the wheelraces. So I got that going for me.

Tuckerman's headed back to NZ on Monday to do a little "welcome home" liver exploding. Hopefully not too much, as he's going to be in yellow next year on LR/O, and yellow is not flattering to the fatties. I'm sure Pabst the cat and his wife (my sister in law (how strange))will miss him dearly. Also pretty sure that all the bars within a 3 block radius will all see a 20% decline in profits as soon as he's gone. Bartenders are already cleaning their tears off the cash registers.


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Scott said...

no no . . 20% decline while hes there. No money from drinks but extra spent on cleaning his yak up in the bathrooms