Thursday, November 06, 2008

back in black

I think the Mercury's headline says it best. We're right there with you Portland. Watching election Brian Williams call it for the good guys, crapping our pants. In the throes of a Barack-attack. Dude managed to deliver easily the most moving speech I have ever heard. I'm suprised he could still stand after 2 years of campaigning like that. I have a hard time behaving like a normal person after a race and a 4 hour flight let alone several flights a day with several speeches a day. What an animal. Barackasaurus Rex.

In my small corner of the world, I'm back to training. We had three weeks off after Nationals, then Blatchford and I both simultaneously imploded right before training kicked up again. I came down with a nasty flu/cold and Blatchy has early-20's onset arthritis or something. Guy is so messed up the physios at the OTC have him doing "water jogging" until his nerves recover. I hope he's wearing neon inflatable arm floaters. Anyway. So now that I'm not feeling like death, after 4 weeks off I'm back. Went to the track yesterday and enjoyed a sunny day with just me, Mark Tyson on a SV650, and a bucket of spew. Back to sleeping between workouts so I can hold a conversation with Jenny without passing out at the end of the day. Back to eating 200 dollars a week in groceries, pretty much by myself. Back to heavy gym workouts and gaining weight faster than John Candy.


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piglet said...

FYI - the Mercury took down its banner. Wimps.