Saturday, May 03, 2008

plyos are bad for you

So about 3 weeks ago I'm doing box jumps with Blatchford. From the ground up to a platform 64 inches off the ground. Kinda like jumping onto someone's head. Even if your vertical leap is pretty high, it still takes a lot of effort, some luck and a smallish brain to jump that high repeatedly for a workout. So anyway, long story short on my third jump I drove my hand into the box with all my might and probably broke my thumb. At the time I was hoping it was a sprain (despite the grapefruit-size swelling and black and blue coloring), but 3 weeks on and I still can't do power cleans or anything that requires controlling a bar with weight on it. Riding's no problem, it's just a limiter in the gym. So more frustrating than anything. Fortunately my strength coach Mike figured out all the lifts I can do (like squats) and is punishing me for my lack of durability.

Ping Pong makes his grand entrance in T-minus 5 days. The couch is ready, I've got a couple days off and some mountain bike rides figured out.

Did some work on the truck the other day. Think it's coming along nicely.


Anonymous said...

Where do you put the pirate flag on that thing?? Say hi to Ping Pong for us. Oh, T minus 5 days 'till Signal's gonna be a long 4 month wait.

And mom says stop punching your plyo box, you're not there for boxing camp Pal.

piglet said...

I did not say that. But I'm going to say this: do you make that Six-Million-Dollar-Man doy-doy-oing sound when you guys jump that high?

I mean, when you're not making that pain sound from whacking your thumb.

Hope you won't need a thumb button like the Captain had That One Time.