Thursday, May 22, 2008


Posts are few and far between now that training is neverending and work is the only other thing I seem to do. Still no internet at home, so you'll just have to deal with the giant post on occasion.

So here we go.

Cliff diving is tough at Helen Hunt falls (did not make that name up).

Ping Pong had been working on his moustache for a couple of years, and brought it to Colorado to share it with the world.

I'm a competetive person, so I couldn't let an Asian with distinctly Aryan facial hair beat me in the stache-off.

I like this picture, because you can actually see the rays of hate that my cat is trying to shoot though Kacala's head.

Behold the new go-rocket.

This picture is all that could be recorded of what turned out to be a bit of a chaotic evening in the pursuit of "avoiding the bummer life." Eric from Ground Up cycles built a mini dirt velodrome on his front yard. It's 15 meters long, 14 inches tall and has a banking of almost 40 degrees. An average person on a 16 inch kids bike can do a lap in about 4 seconds. This track has become the centerpiece in a weekly barbeque/minidrome-cycleslaughterama. Never satisfied, Eric and co. has nearly completed a downhill course in his backyard which features some nasty switchbacks, a decent dropoff, a junkyard, a woodpile and a cactus field. Wheels bigger than 16 inches need not apply. Same goes for sissies. No sissies allowed.

On the ride home from the miniraces, we decided that finally, we really like it here.

Sharks with frickin laser beams on thier heads... Note the sweet Meshke bars. Still in the original poo brown.

And this is where I'll leave again for another stretch. Headed back to the track this afternoon to get chased down on a half lap start by the best starter in the country. I get a 10m gap, but we'll see how long that lasts.



cpt a said...

Things I really dig about this post...

Your David Zabriskie stache and rockin shadow mullett.

Your cat's hate rays.

The new outer spacey go rocket.

Moonlight over the 'Springs.

And Jenny's super cool blue Amsterdam.


Patrick Bateman said...

That's a sweet track bike... but still prefer Jenny's ride, that thing is HOT

piglet said...

I'm not sure I understand. You're riding THAT bike and you're still getting chased down?

Call Orbea and ask them where they put the secret batman booster button.

DT said...

about the mullet... that's no shadow

matt said...

Once the cardinal bar shows up, you can stick the meschke bar in the recycling. When's the ira bike showing up?

DT said...

i dont think ira's even starting it till he gets back from trans-iowa... or trans idaho... or tranny iowa?