Thursday, March 27, 2008

we're here, and yes, they have whiskey on tap

So we made it to sunny Colorado Springs, cat in tow. Still trying to unpack our lives from the boxes covering our apartment floor, so we've been avoiding it almost entirely by "getting to know the area." Turns out we're 3 blocks from a sweet coffee shop 4 blocks from a great bar, and 5 blocks from everything else you could possibly need. Our back yard is the CSprings version of the Springwater corridor. Exept ours is 42 miles long, goes through the center and way out of town from north to south, and you never have to cross a street. I know. Sweet. Still looking for jobs, still trying to figure everything out. Fortunately everyone from the OTC is at Track Worlds, so I've got a bit of time before the big hurt starts.

Altitude sucks. I feel old and fat.



nerdthan said...

if there is one thing that will get me to colorado is whiskey on tap. you ain't lyin bout that are ya?

Anonymous said...

42 miles, make sure you take plenty of food. don't want to bonk

Retarded South Island Mechanic, Spanners Watson! said...

Screw the whiskey- get a double brown!!

marco said...

glad to hear you made it safe and sound. old and fat. please talk to me in about twenty. Then we can say old. Fat probably never my brother. probably never.
ps do a whiskey shot 4 me.

DT said...

McCabes down the street has 18 whiskeys on tap. no joke. for reals.

Anonymous said...

DT, come in DT -

On Monday Mum is going to ship out you team kit and hammer stuff, shoot me an email please and tell me if there's something else you need.

Sorry at Willamette and it's easer for me to post on your blog than email.