Friday, February 01, 2008


Come one, come all, bring your drinkin shoes and best verbal abuse to the Rapha Roller Races next Saturday night. If you've never seen a roller race, the fine folks at Rollapaluza have been reviving this lost art in England for a while now. Rapha has been promoting races across the ditch and next weekend they're bringing it here. Come cheer on your favorite team of fat track racers (like me, brian and casey) or just come see some sweet artwork, or maybe have a beer or four.

Saturday, Feb 9th
Doors open at 8pm, Racing starts at 8:30pm
Admission is $10

Rapha Gallery
Crane Building
710 NW 14th Street
Portland, Oregon 97209

Once your hangover has subsided on Sunday, roll down to theHandmade Bike Show. My Prediction: Signal Cycles wins Best In Bro.

In other news, some border agent fell asleep at his desk and let Skeletor back in the country a couple days ago. He's riding around somewhere in Southern California (lost, no doubt) with a pocket full of Jelly Beans and a bad habit of saying whatever comes through his brain. Let's hope he survives. At least until his death, which by my count should happen somewhere on stage 3 of the Tour of California. If by some miracle he survives that death-march through America's most worthless state, he'll be back to the Dirtiest of Couves somewhere around the end of February.


Anonymous said...

speaking of ANT

Rollapaluza said...

ROLLAPALUZA have been reviving this lost art in London UK for Eight years....Rapha promoted a couple of races....where they used Rollapaluza's rigs.....

For loads of pictures, video and info on the resurgence of roller racing in the UK check:

DT said...

magic. rollapaluza needs a portland branch

Walker said...