Monday, February 25, 2008

home base

Secured the new home base in CSprings today. Sweet apartment in a converted mansion downtown. No turning back.

Tuckerman's arriving on the sunny beaches of Portland in a couple of hours. If you've never met this lad, perhaps you'd like to join him on the pot for a chat about burritos and stuff? Click on the link, then scroll down to Meet The Kiwi. Pot Chat? Toilet Talk? Porcelainversation?



piglet said...

Stay classy, Aaron!

As for you, Jenny ought to be able to class that joint up in no time.

Walker said...

Most retarded video ever. Tuckerman was fine, but I wanna know what munter producer said "hey, you know what, lets interview him on the crapper!"

"Because in Hollywood you fail upwards!"- Kevin Smith

Anonymous said...

So I moved into a apt. a few blocks from this place. When are you moving out?


DT said...

be there the 24th