Tuesday, December 18, 2007

took the camera on the morning ride

Good art doesn't always live in a gallery.

I suppose you could consider this art. Like the art that I made when I was six years old and stuck in the grip of ADD. Let's cover this house with glue, throw a shitload of lumber at it and paint the whole thing black. At least this one has windows unlike...

This house is ugly in the way that Las Vegas sucks. It's stupidly expensive, completely impractical, dark inside and isn't really as impressive as the builders hoped it would be. Looks about as comfortable as living inside a casket.

Maybe this is what happens when you admire the two above houses, read too many design magazines but have neither the cash or the drive to see a project like that though to its end. This is the housing equivalent of a teenage girl wearing neon underwear on the outside of her jeans.

After I got back to the house, Baxter/Whiskey/Meatface the boxer/german shephard dog mauled me until I took his picture.

So here he is. In all his glory.

Baxter/Whiskey/Meatface plays rough.



cardinal said...

nice pictures. I really like "this house is ugly the way Las Vegas sucks"
pure poetry.
missed you at the BG holiday jam.

Ping Pong Says... said...

I just miss you.