Friday, December 21, 2007


MT Eden Village. Our hood.

Wisconsin is the shizzle, apparently.

Edible heaven, lightly fried and wrapped in the paper of joy.

These tires are so great. I love them. They will complete 2 track sessions like nobody's business. On the third ride they will self-destruct faster than a bottle rocket, but what else would you expect from a tire that only costs a hundred bucks? Everyone knows you need to dump your entire savings to get any quality in the bike industry, so who am I to critisize?

You can't see the wonderfully phalic snorkel air intake very well in this awful picture, but this car is the mechanical equivalent of that guy you see walking around town in 100 degree sun wearing combat boots, leather pants, and a knee-length black leather trenchcoat that barely covers his cheeto-fueled beer belly.



Anonymous said...

new team car?

DT said...

only if we can have a fleet of them outfitted with megaphones on the hoods and gun racks in the rear windows

pops said...

So how'd the racing go on Thursday? You remember the racing part don't you? It's not all Mint Chicks and hangin' out on the water front.