Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Are you bored? Have you done your workout today? How about your homework? Feed the cat? Water the plants? Kozy'd the Shack? All done? Sweet. You should come with me to see Rembrandt And Pals at the Portland Art Museum. Or PAM if you like. Then let's head to OMSI to check out some dead people. Then maybe if school's still in session we'll all take the train up to the Zoo and throw rocks at some bears, because we're humans, the master species, and we can do stuff like that.



piglet said...

I'm mad at the PDX Art Museum for charging $15 a ticket for the Rembrandt show.

I'll probably go anyway. But still. Not exactly public art.

Walker said...

Do both! And mix in some Hoegaardens somewhere in the middle, and then hit a concert, yes Gary, yes.