Sunday, November 26, 2006

Photobloggin (now with 80% less racing)

Slater and Tall Mike at the USGP Portland. Crossin. Cross Dressin. Drankin.

Hot Tubbin at the run-up.

New team car. Big enough for 3 climbers and the team cat.

Orangutan in a woman's sweater?

Winter. It's cold out there.


Ping Pong Says... said...

I'm glad to see Solomon's drinking. You guys need to come to the bg holiday party, Dec. 17th. Indochina will be providing the music.

Dean said...

mmm... christmas party. the goodness will flow like free beer and whiskey. you should bring Mike as your date. you could get him a corsage.

Dean said...

i'm not kidding. you should.

Dean said...

seriously though. do it.

ping pong says... said...


dirtycouve said...

2.7 gut points to the orange orangatang for sporting a womans cardie in the presence of others.. wtf, honestly!!!