Friday, April 21, 2006

Put Me In, Coach

You know what's stupid? Not racing.

I hate hearing about what happened in this or that race, knowing that I could have been there and would have had a killer time..

Oh well, at least I'm riding again. Still no lifting any time soon. Baby steps.

Check out Thursday's front page at Killer picture of a bike filling up its tires at a gas station, accompanied by an article about the skyrocketing price of gas...

p.s. My personal quote of the day for today has been "I'm more into revenge than justice..."



piglet said...

My favorite quote of the day, other than "I'm the decider" is on a t-shirt I saw at that says, on a field of yellow ribbons, "I support the troops more than you do."

Molly Cameron said...

Just think, soon you can start riding Zen chainrings again.

Lets go for a slow bike ride sometime.

dirtycouve said...

Well your coach is racing even though he has mono so maybe you should just buck up. The highest placed rubicon rider at the latest PIR outing was the team mom.