Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Kicking ass vicariously

Since I'm all laid up eating ice cream and feeling sorry for myself instead of riding for the next 6 weeks, I've decided to start racing vicariously through all my teammates. I'm starting with Sea Otter, where we did a pretty tough course with a bunch of pros, and I kicked ass. Here's one shot of me kicking ass:
Yeah, it was pretty tough, I was rocking pretty hard at the front, but I didn't stop there. Oh no. I took a break for a minute as you can see so I could give everybody else a rest, but really I was just letting everyone slip into a false sense of security. Check it out, this Health Net dude is wondering where I am. Wondering if he can relax or not.

I'm on pretty kill form and I've dropped some extra poundage from last year, so I decided to giver a little on the hill a couple times. You can see here that I'm not really breathing that hard as I string everybody out and split the field into little whimpering groups. Phill Ligget would have said something like "he's looking cool as a cucumber here," and then he'd be all like "he's really putting them in a spot of bother now!" I'm pretty sure I was in my 12.

I beat Gord Fraser in the finish, but I was out of the money. Nobody was there to give me a prize for rocking that hard.. but i know i rocked it and thats all that counts...


all photos from www.steephill.tv.


Anonymous said...

You're looking pretty fit on front as you put everyone in the hurt box, but I could have sworn Sea Otter paid 20 deep. And if I recall I saw your name in 20th place. Did Dave tell you it only paid 10 deep? I should have know, Dave picked up your prize money and used it to purchase PBR.

Way to wreck careers!

ping pong says... said...

you rocked it like a lazyboy recliner.

dirtycouve said...

No way anonymous! It't not like that. I spent it on some kick ass regional Red!

Just kidding.

But not realy, it was good.

steephill.tv bike travelogue said...

It's fine to use Grassy Knoll Project pictures on your web site but it's uncool not to give credit. Share the love:

Photographer: Mike Norris, steephill.tv