Sunday, May 24, 2009

wif moah intensity, prease

So here we are, it's May 24th and the velodrome is still closed under lock and key, in legal limbo. This has been frustrating beyond words. I've missed a month of track training and can't afford to miss another. My short term and long term goals both mean lots of track time and lots of racing. And I'm here trying to make up for it with fixed gear/road bike motorpacing. Better than nothing, but nothing like racing.


The plan.

Fly to stumptown on Monday June 8th and pray for good weather.
Gym work with brian in the early mornings, track workouts every afternoon and road or track racing every evening for 7 days, including the crit on Mississippi and the Heartbreaker at the track.
Fly home an exhausted shell of a track sprinter, ready for a few days off and some more road training.
Fly into a rage in the middle of a board meeting at the USOC if the track doesn't open in July.
Fly back to Portland to do another marathon session of heavy track work and two AVC's.

Tickets are paid for (sort of. credit cards are scary), dates are set.

By then my season will officially begin. Trying not to blow myself apart before the carnivals in Australia come December, so it's a late start and fingers crossed that the skinny roadies don't spend all the team's cash on donuts and Land Rover parts. If all goes well it's an autumn of sixdays and a winter of UCI points. London 2012. Onward and upward, with or without the usoc.


matt said...

Oh it's on!

Ms Littlefaster said...

Yey! Looking forward to seeing Deano!

Patrick Bateman said...

Wow. I always love it when National federations choose not to support their own athletes. But there's always beautiful Invercargill's indoor velo.

Admittedly, a bit further than rainy town though.

Jerry Seinfeld said...

Lemons and Money!