Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday crash day

My gym schedule just took a turn for the ugly. 4 days a week of super-high volume work. After only 2 days I'm confined to the couch, avoiding standing up, trying to convince myself to go for an easy ride. The problem isn't the ride, the problem is walking from the couch to the bike. eggh. This is a good time to HTFU, so I'll fire off some amusing crashes and get the hell out of the house.

A good way to lose the family jewels

A good way to lose your face (and a couple of $30,000 race bikes). Rough way to go down, especially if you check out what happens at 4:32 in the video. Sir Chris Hoy's face gets spun around by his bike and driven right into the spinning blades of Vinokurov's 5-spoke. Ouch.

Sireau might not survive the kierin at Worlds after that...


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Abers said...

Frikkin' ouch! Guess we now know the fastest way to stop a 45mph Mavic.