Thursday, January 22, 2009


It's 2009. A new era is opening up in front of us, all that's left is to grab your pen and make your mark. As Joe Strummer would say, "Pin your ears back and Let. It. Rollll!"

After a week (maybe two weeks) of living like a normal 24(!) year old human being, it's back to life as a bike racer. And now that my paperwork has finally been sent in, life as a professional bike racer. So here we start another season. One that hopefully will look quite a bit different. Take my normal season, your normal season, or the season of any road racer, and push it back 4 months. First confirmed race is July 4th. Rumors of a kierin/sprint competition with a 20,000 dollar prize list in early june are coming out of San Jose, but I'll believe that when I see it. And if I see it, I'll be there. Also looking forward to going back to Portland to repeat and improve.
Despite all the fun US racing, the real important stuff won't start until the end of September in Barcelona. Then Nationals right after that, and 2 months from there to the World Cup in Melbourne.

And hey, my UCI ranking jumped almost 30 places from last year. Went from 133 to 107. So that's something.

Starting the new year means starting at the beginning of the training cycle. It means lost of base miles and gym time. It means stashing the track bike somewhere I can't see it for a few months while I get more than a team-sprint first lap in my legs. The beauty of doing this in Colorado is the fact that there are about a million places to ride for hours. And none of them involve the I-5 bridge or Skyline. Skyline is for sissies. We ride real mountains! This is my framebuilder, on the way to one such mountain. He loves signs.

So enough with this bike business. Let's watch someone get ill. Here in Colorado, we don't need to do the same old boring tricks. All we need is Bon Jovi, some extra skateboards and some stuff to jump off of. Watch this video to the very end. Your mind might explode.


Tony Hawk eat your guts out. HOLLARADO!!



ANT said...

bummer your season is starting late, im gona skip tour of oregon and go on holiday, so you can have my spot...
the stages arent that "long" and seeing as there are no mountains in oregon you'l be sweet as.... ha

DT said...