Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dave might just earn a gut point on this one. "Hey I have an idea: Solo Six Day! Word!"
Granted he did use miniMark Duff as his attack dog slash willing partner on the opening day TT but if he A: survives and B: finishes that bastard by himself he will earn one (maybe two) gut point(s) and come out the other side with a good 8 pounds less midsection and some killer fitness. The Big Rig Scotty would be proud.

Totally unrelated newspaper quote:
From the NYTimes: 'Charlie Black, a senior adviser to Senator John McCain, was quoted in a magazine interview saying that another terrorist attack in the United States would “be a big advantage” for Mr. McCain in the upcoming election.'

Our heartless politicians will be the end of us all.

Heard Nader on the radio yesterday. Seems like you can't control the guy or even talk to him in an interview, you can only pick a subject and stand back. I wish he was a little more of a legitimate candidate... he'd get my vote.



Super Steve-o said...

Ya, no points, but he did stay on the lap. I think the B group is going to be a fun one to watch. Very evenly matched team.

But the sweet think is the women's only group. Too bad more chicks from out of town didn't come.

7lb to go said...

I will have to agree with steve-o here. the women's only race is so very entertining as only a women's only madison can be. BTW, I still get gut points for riding the b's race and staying on even laps while racing with Norrene. How about if we win?

Anonymous said...

And what does Norrene get for closing all the gaps?

cpt a said...

I say Norrene gets a gut point...have you seen her ride this year? Norrene's been eating her Wheaties.

Scott said...

lone wolf six days are for sick piggys tanked on pbr or double brown, or even better yet - both. goddam its been too long bewteen pbr's