Wednesday, January 02, 2008

the sunny side of the world; round 1

You'd need a panoramic camera to catch all the starters in a 2k wheelrace on a 580m track. these are just the scratchmen through the guys off 40m. This race started with people all the way up to 285m from scratch. The whiteshirts are all pushers, the guys with the most dangerous job out there. They have to push the riders far enough to not get confronted after the race, and then have to make a hard left or right turn to get out of the way before the riders from behind come barreling right over them. When it's riders vs. pushers, riders always win.

This is the chaos in the final turn when the scrathcmen catch the frontmarkers. This frame has one Aussie olympic team pursuiter (leading), one continental track pro (second), a Malaysian match sprinter (sixth) and aussie olympic team sprinter (sixth), a few juniors (7th and 9th) and the rest are local or mainland club riders. Little bit of everything, everyone killing it to get there first. No one's racing for 10th.

Inside the Launceston Silverdome. Motocrossers uncluded.

Latrobe. Flat, bumpy, red and surrounded by 5,000 cycling-crazy tasmanians.

Corners here aren't exactly tricky.

part 2 coming soon.


DG said...

comment on photo #2. I can only see one track bike in the lot that is not carbon.....

cardinal said...

... he's the one getting passed. Also, what's with all the white socks? I mean, really!

cardinal said...

HUGE news!
I got the first post on bikesnobnyc today! I think it's the first time I've got first at anything bike related! 2008 barely started and I've already got one in the "W" column.

Just wanted to share that with you Deaner.

Anonymous said...

hey Deano

Off topic here but you should go to and see who is riding for Toyota-United in 2008. -very interesting.

Orange mum

DT said...

i saw that cardinal, congrats! you truly make us proud.