Thursday, October 04, 2007


Everything I could've done wrong, I did. 12.01 on an indoor board track and qualified 23rd. Only top 12 went to the rounds, so it was a short day. 3 months after I did a 10.6 outdoors. I'm out of the team sprint.
Not many funny jokes i can make about that one.


piglet said...

So sorry. [hug]

Per said...

You are so much faster than that. I am sorry it did not come together this time. That's bike racing I guess, but it sucks to have it happen at natz.

Walker said...

Don't sweat it. If a National Team disregards a talented rider like you because of one bad ride then they don't deserve you.

Good National programs like the Aussies (& today even the kiwis!) stick by their riders in the good and the bad. If they're too bureaucratic to see your smart and talented go ride for Cuba!

Heather said...

Yea, what Walker said. You're still my hero!