Wednesday, September 26, 2007

This is my least favorite part of the season. At this point there is nothing I can do to get faster by next week, I can only maintain what I have right now. A horrible feeling for sure. I'm excited about nationals for sure, but at the same time I'd rather stay in bed with the covers up to my eyes and the blinds shut tight... So I'll keep my mind off of it. Walker The Stalker may be jetting over to the states for a little R&R from law school. Sounds like an idea and a half to me. Would be great to see the guy again.
Got some wedding pics finally. Awards will be forthcoming.


zak said...

give em hell an natz.

dont fuck up, i got money on you!

dr dave said...

Walker said...

Kick some ass at Nats!! I'm sure you'll go well.

Relax about the "can't get any faster" part- I always had my best races when I was suffering the most!

Just gotta push past it and you'll be sweet