Tuesday, July 03, 2007

After endless sunny days, the moment our racing starts the sky opens up. My rollers were pointed in the direction of the oncoming black death in the sky, so I had the opportunity to watch it bear down on us. That big beast moved fast. Couldn't have been more than a half-hour between total sun and drowning in rainwater. I'm not talking Portland drizzle, this was violent rain.

Bummer deal. I've been doing quicker and quicker times since I did the 10.6, so I was ready to see what I could do on race day with good conditions. Instead we sat, tried to wait it out, watched endurance freakjob Colby Pearce play with his iPhone, eventually left, and ate ourselves to sleep.

Nerd alert!

This is how sprinters clean thier bikes.



Heather said...

I NEVER saw any worse rain than last summer in the Springs! That #!@* is amazing. Unbelievable.

piglet said...

Why does the Olympic Training Center have an outdoor track?

Anonymous said...

more importantly, how did Colby get his hands on an iphone? Dean, you're bigger than him . . .MOM need's an iphone!!