Wednesday, May 09, 2007

back to school

yeah, i know you said you'd never set foot in another high school gymnasium ever again, but this might be a good reason to give it another go.

I may get annoyed with some of the ones that mope around in front of the convenience store by my house smoking crappy ciggarettes and begging me to buy them beer, but big ups to an awesome group of kids from Lincoln High for taking matters into thier own hands and staging one of the best fundraisers ever.

I can see the brainstorming session:
"our music department sucks"
"yeah, it sucks"
"i wish we had a recording studio so we could record emo records"

"conservatives dont want to pay taxes for you to have music education, or for me to make a decent wage. sucks doesn't it? that's life so get used to it. I need a drink"

"that sucks"
"we should have a fundraiser"
"nah. too wet"
"rummage sale?"
"nah. i don't want to sell my Wii"
"bake sale?"
"nah, my cook wouldn't be into that"
"silent auction?"
"nah. boring"
"concert in the gymnasium with two of the best bands in the entire city?"
"sweet idea"
"yeah let's do that"
"cool, my dad knows a guy"


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