Thursday, March 22, 2007

the clog bog. finals are done like disco.

The last two weeks have been all power-study and panic-writing. Finals weeks are bad for motivation in every aspect of life. But now it's over for another term, and I'm left tired, unorganized and feeling like a fat lard.

Did a few quality ride with Aaron Skeletor Tuckerman this week. His road bike was stuck somewhere between Spain and Vancouver, so he got the opportunity to do some extra miles on his TT bike. Lucky guy. You might not think he's got too much power by looking at him, but while rolling around town today he single-handedly ripped his chain in half. This excellent turn of luck landed us in a certain well advertised bike shop downtown, where they didn't know a masterlink from an 8-track player.

The team's mostly here, the bikes are mostly done, and we're mostly ready to roll.

Found a new totally sweet internet radio station called Just enter a band, a genre or a category and it spits out hours and hours of music you've probably never heard of, but you'll probably dig.

Looks like the Icebreaker Crit will be interesting this year... Should have the usual 37 hutches guys, a bunch of wicked-quick Dr. Seuss guys, a not-so-mysterious mystery blogger and forty other people who all think they can win the sprint from last position coming into the last lap. Little bit of sun would go a long way, but don't count on it.


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oracle said...

El Rey's gonna take it and autoblog about his badass self. JZA all the way.