Friday, December 09, 2005

End of an era?

So the team's budget has tripled in the last couple of days. Apparently Orange is a cool color to be in, because a few companies seem to really dig us.

Here's why this is good and bad.

It's good because we'll get to travel more, and it will lighten the financial burden of said travel on us young impoverished athletes. This new situation forces us into one of responsibility for our results. We can't just write off a race if we're not having fun anymore because we know that at the end of the day, these companies don't want to pay for a loosing team. Therefore, we're gonna go harder and get faster (or else).

It sucks because of everything I said above. We're gonna have to act like professionals in public now, and that's no fun. We're not an overly adult group (despite what our ages might say). We like being loud, obnoxious retards, and we still will be, but now we have to make sure we're not wearing team stuff, and we have to make sure we're not acting like idiots in front of the wrong people (which could be anyone). See the dilemna? Results and pressure are good, but they can bring you down hard if you're not carefull and realistic.

Yin and Yang, bla bla bla. Good and bad, I know. It's still a little intimidating, but hey, I'm into it.

Guess I'll have to start training one of these days, eh?


piglet said...

So, eventually will Norrene have to pay hush money to Wheels in Focus to get them to take the banana-in-the-shorts pictures off her website?

Drew said...

What about hangin' out on the Rosemere porch in your undies reading the paper while sippin' some bean and reading the local propaganda that still OK?? Norrene??

Dean said...

Probably, because if you're in your undies, you're not wearing any team kit. And if you're not wearing team kit it's all good.

Anonymous said...

sigh . . . . .What the hell was I think 4 years ago!

Anonymous said...

Piglet, NO
Drew, Yes
Dean, Correct
Norrene, I have no idea