Saturday, November 26, 2005


On the way to turkey dinner #3. or 4. not sure.

YES as the previous post implied I am in the CIA now, I'm a special agent in charge of going to foriegn countries and blowing shit up, they just don't know it yet. Nothing to do with the slow winter months, no more bke racing till spring and Anatomy and Physiology completely smashing my brains out. Yeah. It sucks.

GRASSTRACK. grasstrack is probably the coolest thing since those twisty caps on beer bottles. i think my helmet is 4 sizes bigger since I tried to headbutt my way through Abers' chest this morning. rock n roll.

More later, if anyone still reads this thing.


Anonymous said...

I bet more people will read this blog if you make an announcement that you are too busy to keep it updated so you are going to hire a poor collage student to write about you and your adventures.

you would simply send them short outlines of various blog worthy adventures and your writer would fill out you blog for you, leaving you ample time to write other comparable interesting stories about people's adventures. it is genius.

Dean said...

sure, but how is a poor college student going to pay another poor college student when I can barely pay for myself?

Rrrrrr-ico said...

Grasstrack races are the shiznick. I won a pretty WWI-era trophy at the annual school grasstrack, minutes after Walker won the junior version. It was funny as hell, because it annoyed all the cunts on the team who thought they were faster than me; which is to say, all the ones who were shit bike riders and hadn't been training with me. The other two were cool. (It especially annoyed the fuckers because I'd been out til four AM and my breakfast consisted of chocolate frosting and coffee; I had dropped subtle hints to that effect.)