Saturday, January 29, 2005

Tissues and Terrorducks

Man, I woke up at negative-o-clock this morning... sick as a dog. Nose feels like it's full of peanut butter. Sinuses are at 200psi. I'm pretty sure I've sneezed more times than I've taken a breath this morning. What timing, how super. Just as I'm getting over a nasty little knee problem BAM some stupid bug jumps down my throat and sets up shop. With a track carnival tonight and a 7-hour drive back to Auckland tommorow, things are looking lame.

Quote of the day by Adam Felber (Fanatical Apathy, to your right): "Are vicious, freedom-hating terrorducks going to wait around while you drop flowers on your fancypants monuments before they shred your snobby overcoats with thier deadly beaks of fury? I think not."

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